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McCormack’s Auto Service can offer you the comfort to visit one mechanical workshop and get it all done. From oil change to engine change. Nothing is too big or too small. We are equipped with the latest tech and vehicle make/model specific tools to perform even the most challenging mechanical work. We guarantee our quality work with a one year warranty. All of our repairs, servicing, parts and fluids follow your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and will not void your factory warranty.


Brakes/Brake Repair

McCormack’s Auto Service has over 100 years of technician experience in automotive repairs. Brakes are our forte, we can service or repair all braking components on any vehicle, truck or trailer.

We machine brake discs, brake drums and overhaul all brake callipers onsite.

Servicing your brake system in tales brake fluid replacement, brake pad and disc rotor replacement and brake calliper slides need regular lubrication and cleaning. At McCormack’s Auto Service we provide the best of quality aftermarket or genuine parts, our customer preference is our priority.


Suspension Service

A primary function of any vehicle’s suspension is to provide a smooth, comfortable ride even on the bumpiest track. As well as this, one of the main roles of your vehicle’s suspension is to allow the maximum opportunity for all four tyres to remain in contact with the road. This helps the braking, steering and driving systems of your car to remain safe, effective and responsive when you need them most. If your suspension system is not kept in good condition, the safety of those travelling in your vehicle are at risk, so it is to your advantage that it is kept in exceptional order.


Cooling System

McCormack’s Auto Service has the latest cooling system test and flushing equipment on the market.

The cooling system plays a vital role in the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

Overheating your engine can cause even engine failure, cooling systems failures are the leading cause of mechanical breakdowns. No maintenance, rust deposits, sludge and scale deposits can cause leaks, busted hoses and ultimately cause a corroded cylinder head or block failure.

Preventative maintenance will ensure your radiator; heater core and all other essential parts stay lubricated correctly and foam resistant. At McCormack’s Auto service we can repair or service any cooling system or vehicle on today’s market.


Fluid Flush Service

Over 90% of all Automatic Transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination. Having an Automatic Transmission Service at McCormack’s will remove 95% of contaminated transmission fluid, will help improve rough or hard shifting, and will increase the life of your transmission.

The coolant in your engine plays a vital role in the performance and longevity of your vehicle. In fact, a poor cooling system can lead to costly repairs of engines and transmissions. We can inspect and service all components of your cooling system and our coolant machine will remove 95% of contaminated deposits, including rust, sludge and scale deposits.

Power steer oil is the most over-looked service item of all vehicle servicing. Having your power steer system serviced at McCormack’s will help prevent sluggish steering, reduce or eliminate steering noise, lubricate power steering components and avoid premature steering system failures.


Transmission Service

At McCormack’s Auto Service we can service and repair most transmissions on the market. Your transmission needs servicing normally every 40 to 60,000kms depending on your normal driving conditions.

Some transmissions have a filter in the base of the transmission pan which can be replaced also. We have state of the art transmission flush equipment which flushes all the existing dirty contaminated fluid and replaces it with new fluid.

Manual transmissions (gearbox) can be serviced with a simple change of gear oil or the hydraulic side of your system may fail if it is not adjusted or flushed correctly. Your clutch fluid should be flushed in conjunction with your brake system as brake fluid is also used in the clutch system.


Your clutch is also an essential part of your vehicle. Does your vehicle have a shudder or is your clutch slipping?

McCormack’s Auto Service can offer you all clutch repairs including replacement of heavy duty items required for that Cape York trip. Our fully trained staff is up to date with the latest clutch technology.


Power Steering Service

McCormack’s Auto Service can service any type of power steering. We can repair steering racks, power steering pumps and all other components relating to power steering.


If your power steering system oil is dirty it can cause noise, increase steering effort, reduce steering effectiveness and harden seals. Hardening of seals can result in leaks and expensive repairs. For the safety and the life of your vehicle, it is important to make sure your power steering is a part of your normal maintenance schedule.

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