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Car Tuning/ Remapping for diesel and petrol engines

McCormack’s Auto Service -tuning the engine of your car to its optimal performance! Increase power and torque of your engine and reduce fuel consumption.

The Engine Tuning Process

Performance engine tuning, also known as remapping or chip tuning, is the process of modifying the engine’s parameters to get more power and improve fuel economy. In the past, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) was modified by swapping a microchip with an improved version. Nowadays, those alterations are performed via a laptop by overwriting the existing settings with new customized software, staying within safe limits.


Benefits of Engine Tuning / Remapping

Performance engine tuning is a complex and comprehensive procedure that can significantly improve engine torque and power, and improve fuel economy. Furthermore, more torque means better throttle response for maintaining the same cruising speed. Other benefits include a 20% to 30% power increase and a 10% to 20% decrease in fuel consumption. You will notice the difference from the first ride.

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